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Steve Brogan is one of those rare entertainers who can entertain any audience with his incredible and unique talent. He mixes stand-up comedy, puppetry, audience participation, improvisation, along with his astonishing voice manipulations, all to the benefit of comedy-seeking audiences.

Steve does both live shows and television. As for live performances, Steve has entertained for numerous corporations, churches, universities… and the list goes on and on. As a TV performer, Brogan has appeared on several network shows including Good Morning America, PBS and the Today Show as well as cable shows such as The Comedy Connection and variety show, Swan’s Place.


SB Elmer

Elmer: Senior VP of Customer Service

This highly opinionated curmudgeon always relates to someone in the audience. He speaks his mind, about top executives, healthcare and world events. He just does not care anymore.

SB Duck

Rodney Duckerfield: VP of Marketing

His high energy, (usually caffeine induced), keeps Steve on his toes as to what he will do or say next. He’s quick witted and questions whether Steve is a “real” ventriloquist or not.

SB Otis

Otis: Union Rep Liaison

This slow thinking southern redneck is not your typical negotiator or liaison, but is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. He’s a good ol’ boy who is actively looking for a mentor from the audience to guide him through life

SB Frances

Frances: HR Director

Her desire to be the best HR Director is only overshadowed by her desire to find “a man” in the audience. She takes casual Friday to new levels.

SB Stormy

Stormy: Legal Advisor

This jailhouse lawyer, now Legal Advisor with OCD, causes himself stress over the smallest things and literally falls apart, leaving Steve to pick up the pieces.